Laca Text

Laca Text ExtraLight

Laca Text ExtraLight Italic

Laca Text Light

Laca Text Light Italic

Laca Text Book

Laca Text Book Italic

Laca Text Regular

Laca Text Regular Italic

Laca Text Medium

Laca Text Medium Italic

Laca Text Bold

Laca Text Bold Italic

Laca Text SemiBold

Laca Text SemiBold Italic

Laca Text
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The Cherry Orchard
Berry-type Fruits
Hydrangea Paniculata


Laca Text is a sans serif version of Laca. It was designed starting from the basic shapes of Laca. It is a cleaner version of Laca. Laca Text has characteristics like a bigger x-height, open counters, smaller ascenders. It works better in smaller text than Laca, because it keeps the structure without the stylistic features of Laca. Laca Text has more straight lines and follows the round shapes of Laca. Laca Text has true italics that are a bit quieter than Laca. Laca Text as the name says it is more proper for long text but also for identity and branding. Laca Text is versatile, and it pairs well with Laca but also stands out as an independent style.

Available for Desktop, Webfont
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